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Significant Changes to Japan's Labor Laws Will Take Effect in April 2019: Are You Prepared?

Japan - February 12 2019 Japan is known as a country that prizes and exemplifies hard work. While there are significant benefits to this worth ethic, excessive work habits…

Aki Tanaka

Are You Ready For April 1, 2018 in Japan? Employees on a Fixed-Term Contract Exceeding 5 Years Will Be Able to Convert Their Employment to an Open-Ended Term

Japan - March 7 2018 Japan has a reputation for being a difficult jurisdiction for firing employees. Accordingly, the use of fixed-term employment contracts has been a…

Aki Tanaka

Coronavirus: What are an Employer’s Obligations in Various Asian Countries?

China, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea - February 11 2020 As the coronavirus situation continues to evolve, so do companies' and governments' approaches to monitoring and helping avoid the spread of the…

Nancy Zhang, Aki Tanaka

Littler Lightbulb: Highlighting Recent Developments in the Asia Pacific Region

Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore - December 4 2019 Littler’s International Employment Law Practice Group includes experienced practitioners who help employers solve local and multinational legal…

Nancy Zhang, Uliana Kozeychuk, Naomi Seddon, Aki Tanaka, Lavanga V. Wijekoon

The Coronavirus: Specific Issues for the Chinese Workforce

China, USA - January 31 2020 The official website of the National Health Commission of China (NHC) announced that, as of 12:00 pm on January 30th, there are a total of 7,737…

Nancy Zhang