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Littler Global Guide - Singapore - Q2 2022

Singapore - July 18 2022 Ministry of Manpower will be raising the qualifying salary and introducing a points-based Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) for a kind…

Isha Malhotra

Littler Global Guide - Singapore - Q4 2021

Singapore - January 19 2022 Effective November 1, 2021, an employer is required to notify the Ministry of Manpower if it retrenches even a single employee. Prior to November 1…

Isha Malhotra

Littler Global Guide - India - Q2 2021

USA - July 19 2021 Under an amendment to the Karnataka Shops & Establishments Act, employees can now carry forward up to 45 days of unused annual leave to the next year…

Isha Malhotra

Littler’s APAC Employment & Labor Law 2021 Series: Remote Workers in Asia versus Latin America

Asia-Pacific - March 11 2021 Trent Sutton, Managing Shareholder for Littler’s APAC Regional Hub in Singapore, and Juan Carlos Varela, Shareholder of Littler in the Miami office…

Juan Carlos Varela

Littler’s APAC Employment & Labor Law 2021 Series: Asia’s Focus on LATAM and Putting Workers On the Ground

Asia-Pacific, Singapore, USA - March 9 2021 With Singapore planning on signing the Pacific Alliance to join this LATAM trade bloc, it seems that Asia’s interest in doing business with this…

Juan Carlos Varela