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WPI Labor Day Report- 2022

USA - September 5 2022 Four years ago, Littler Workplace Policy Institute (WPI) issued its first Labor Day Report, analyzing the state of the U.S. workforce, the regulatory…

Maury Baskin, Bruce Buchanan, S. Libby Henninger, James A. Paretti, Jr., Michael J. Lotito, Shannon Meade, Brooke E. Niedecken, David S. Ostern, Michael Paglialonga, Alka Ramchandani-Raj, Bruce J. Sarchet

Annual Report on EEOC Developments - Fiscal Year 2021

USA - April 26 2022 With the steady rise in the number of discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims filed each year, employers must be more vigilant and…

Melissa L. McDonagh, Alyesha A. Dotson, Rosa T. Goodman, Joseph Greener, Barry A. Hartstein, James A. Paretti, Jr., William J. Kim, Kevin M. Kraham, Erin A. McNamara, Brandon R. Mita, Terrence H. Murphy, Elisa Nadeau, Hovannes Nalbandyan, Alan Persaud, Kristy L. Peters, Peter J. Petesch, Benson Pope, Lauren C. Robertson, Jennifer Schorgl, Laura V. Spector, Kellie A. Tabor, Alice H. Wang, Jessica N. Wimsatt, Michael S. Yellin

WPI Labor Day Report 2021

USA - September 6 2021 Over a year and a half since the pandemic first started to take its toll on the health and welfare of individuals and the economy, the country is…

Maury Baskin, Jeffrey E. Dilger, Marie Duarte, Bradford T. Hammock, James A. Paretti, Jr., Elizabeth A. Lalik, Jorge R. Lopez, Michael J. Lotito, Bruce J. Sarchet, Meredith C. Shoop

‘Cause We’re Still Living - At Appropriate Distance - in a World of Fools (Spanning the Globe Because You Still Can’t)

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - April 1 2021 Hopefully, that light at the end of the tunnel is not the on-coming 5:15 from New Haven. While we've been fortunate to have continued working safely…

Peter J. Petesch

Inaugural Report of Littler’s Global Workplace Transformation Initiative

Global - March 30 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic required nearly every employer around the globe to take stock of its workforce, policies and practices, and adapt to a rapidly…

Peter A. Susser, Alan I. Model, Kathryn E. Siegel, Amber M. Spataro, Zoe M. Argento, Sophia Behnia, Aaron D. Crews, Claire B. Deason, Marissa L. Dragoo, Adriana Foreman, Bradford T. Hammock, Tiana R. Harding, Carlos Jimenez, Michael A. Chichester Jr., James A. Paretti, Jr., Kevin M. Kraham, Robert C. Long, Michael J. Lotito, Garry Mathiason, Ellie McPike, Bruce R. Millman, Paul Newendyke, Kevin P. O'Neill, Melissa K. Peters, Alka Ramchandani-Raj, Niloy Ray, Julie A. Stockton, Karen Sundermier, Stephan C. Swinkels, Britney Noelle Torres, William Hays Weissman, Alexandria M. Witte