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Australia: Amendments to Professional Employees Award 2020 Will Require Overtime Pay and Penalty Rates for Engineers, IT Professionals and Scientists

Australia - January 26 2023 On January 20, 2023, Australia’s Fair Work Commission (FWC) issued an important decision that makes significant amendments to the Professional…

Xi (Grace) Yang

Littler Global Guide - Australia - Q4 2022

Australia - January 26 2023 Newly enacted Fair Work Amendment (Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Bill 2022 replaces the current entitlement in the National Employment…

Xi (Grace) Yang

Littler World Cup Matchups Part 5: Whistleblower Protections

Global - December 2 2022 Welcome back to our World Cup series, where we compare various aspects of labor and employment law in some of the participating countries.1 We kicked…

S.H. Kweon, Mercedes Balado Bevilacqua, Eric van Dam, Guillaume Desmoulin, Tatiana Diaz, Wouter Engelsman, Jakub Grabowski, William J. Kim, Marília Nascimento Minicucci, Dennis Veldhuizen

Littler World Cup Matchups Part 2: Short-Term Sick Pay

Global - November 18 2022 The World Cup is fast approaching! Over the course of the tournament, we will be publishing our own matchups, comparing various aspects of labor and…

Koen De Bisschop, Edward Carlier, Sebastian Chilco, Stephanie Compson, Chris Coombes, Guillaume Desmoulin, Wouter Engelsman, Richard Harvey, Raoul Parekh, Mónica Schiaffino, Dennis Veldhuizen

Littler World Cup Matchups Part 1: Paid Vacation and Annual Leave

Global - November 17 2022 The World Cup starts November 20, 2022 and will end in mid-December. Soccer1 fans from around the globe will be tuning in for the matches, or perhaps…

Marco Esteban Arias, Stephanie Compson, Chris Coombes, Guillaume Desmoulin, Sonia Cortés García, Dr. Thomas Griebe, Richard Harvey, Raoul Parekh, Slawomir Paruch, Mónica Schiaffino