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The Ukraine/Russia Conflict & Related Sanctions: 7 Pressing Questions Employers Are Asking

Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 15 2022 Since we last reported on this topic, the war in Ukraine has persisted and Western countries have continued to ramp up sanctions against Russia. In…

Uliana Kozeychuk, Stephan C. Swinkels

The Ukraine Conflict & Related Sanctions: What Is the Impact on Global Workforces?

Global, Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 1 2022 The Russian military’s recent invasion of Ukraine, and the related sanctions against Russia have many companies asking: how does this chaos impact…

Darren Isaacs, Uliana Kozeychuk, Elizabeth A. Lalik, Raoul Parekh, Stephan C. Swinkels

The Fashion Industry Meets Human Rights Due Diligence: New York’s Proposed “Fashion Sustainability and Social Accountability Act”

OECD, USA - February 14 2022 In January 2022, the New York State Senate introduced a bill that seeks to impose significant human rights and environmental due diligence and…

Kate Bresner, Michael G. Congiu, Stefan J. Marculewicz

U.S. Enacts Law Barring Products Made with Forced Labor in China

China, USA - January 3 2022 On December 23, 2021, President Joe Biden signed into law the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (the “Act”),1 which bars the importation into the…

Michael G. Congiu, Stefan J. Marculewicz, Olivia Florio Roberts

Europe and Canada Seek to Mandate Human Rights Due Diligence and Transparency Obligations on Companies and Their Global Partners

OECD, USA - October 28 2021 This year has seen a number of international and regional legislative efforts imposing human rights due diligence and transparency obligations on…

Kate Bresner, Michael G. Congiu, Stefan J. Marculewicz