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Still "Open for Business" - New Wisconsin Legislation to Preempt Most Local Employment Ordinances

USA - March 27 2018 In recent years, cities, counties, and other local government bodies across the country have enacted ordinances increasing the minimum wage, granting…

Adam-Paul John Tuzzo

Wisconsin becomes next "Right to Work" state

USA - March 6 2015 On March 6, 2015, Wisconsin’s State Assembly approved legislation that will make Wisconsin the 25th “Right to Work” state in the country. Governor…

Sarah C. Matt, Adam-Paul John Tuzzo

COVID-19 and the Rights of Essential Businesses When Employees Strike

USA - April 1 2020 Essential Businesses (as defined by CISA and in various state “Shelter in Place” or “Stay at Home” orders) and their employees continue to fight the…

A. John Harper III

Wisconsin eases, but does not eliminate, the one day of rest in seven law

USA - July 31 2015 Effective July 14, 2015, Wisconsin has made it easier for an employer to comply with Wisconsin Statute 103.85, Wisconsin's "one day of rest in seven"…

Adam-Paul John Tuzzo

Wisconsin adopts password protection law

USA - April 14 2014 Wisconsin has become the thirteenth state to enact a law limiting the circumstances under which employers may request or require access to the…

Adam-Paul John Tuzzo