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UK to Shift Away From GDPR: Government Consultation Confirms Plans to Change UK Data Privacy Regime

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - June 30 2022 The UK government is proposing to amend its data privacy regime to make it easier for employers to comply with its requirements. The main points that…

Deborah Margolis

“One Size Fits All” Data Retention Policies: A Unicorn for International Employers?

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - May 26 2022 Employers often want to have a Data Retention policy that works for all of their international operations. We look at the challenges with this…

Deborah Margolis

Data Transfer to the US: Is Privacy Shield 2.0 in the Making?

European Union, USA - April 28 2022 The European Commission and the United States have announced a new data transfer mechanism, following the invalidation of Privacy Shield in July 2020…

Deborah Margolis

UK Data Privacy Regulator Publishes Guidance Following Relaxation of COVID Measures

United Kingdom - April 28 2022 In response to the Government’s relaxation on COVID-19 restrictions, the UK’s data protection regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office (the…

Deborah Margolis

The Ukraine Conflict & Related Sanctions: What Is the Impact on Global Workforces?

Global, Russia, Ukraine, USA - March 1 2022 The Russian military’s recent invasion of Ukraine, and the related sanctions against Russia have many companies asking: how does this chaos impact…

Uliana Kozeychuk, Elizabeth A. Lalik, Raoul Parekh, Stephan C. Swinkels, Lavanga V. Wijekoon