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Ontario, Canada Court Finds With-Cause Dismissal of Long-term Fiduciary Employee Justified

Canada - October 6 2021 In Goruk v. Greater Barrie Chamber of Commerce, 2021 ONSC 5005, the Ontario Superior Court found that the Chamber of Commerce (COC) was justified in…

Rhonda B. Levy

Canadian Employers Must Navigate a Patchwork of Family Status Accommodation Requirements

Canada - October 18 2019 Members of the Baby Boom generation often remained in one job throughout their working lives. It is now more common for employers to receive résumés…

Rhonda B. Levy

The Legal Landscape for Canadian Employers One Year after Legalization of Cannabis

Canada - October 2 2019 With Canada’s Federal Election fast approaching, Canadians will also be marking the anniversary of a major legislative change that has had a…

Will McMillan

Canada: Federally Regulated Employees Can Make Unjust Dismissal Complaints Even After Signing Releases and Settlement Agreements

Canada - September 6 2019 The Federal Court of Canada recently confirmed in Bank of Montreal v. Li, 2018 FC 1298 CanLII (Bank of Montreal), that an employee's signed release…

Rhonda B. Levy, Will McMillan

Ontario, Canada Companies Beware: Class Action Lawsuits Alleging Worker Misclassification are on the Rise

Canada - March 4 2019 It appears there is a movement afoot in Ontario to change behavior around the classification of employees as independent contractors. Beginning in…

Rhonda B. Levy