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Inaugural Report of Littler’s Global Workplace Transformation Initiative

Global - March 30 2021 The COVID-19 pandemic required nearly every employer around the globe to take stock of its workforce, policies and practices, and adapt to a rapidly…

Peter A. Susser, Kathryn E. Siegel, Amber M. Spataro, Zoe M. Argento, Sophia Behnia, Aaron D. Crews, Claire B. Deason, Marissa L. Dragoo, Adriana Foreman, Tessa J. Gelbman, Bradford T. Hammock, Tiana R. Harding, Carlos Jimenez, Michael A. Chichester Jr., James A. Paretti, Jr., Kevin M. Kraham, Robert C. Long, Michael J. Lotito, Garry Mathiason, Ellie McPike, Bruce R. Millman, Paul Newendyke, Kevin P. O'Neill, Melissa K. Peters, Alka Ramchandani-Raj, Niloy Ray, Julie A. Stockton, Karen Sundermier, Stephan C. Swinkels, Britney Noelle Torres, William Hays Weissman, Alexandria M. Witte

Peter Sung Ohr has Cemented the Biden NLRB’s Direction Despite Challenges to his Interim Appointment and Prosecutorial Authority

USA - March 17 2021 When President Biden took the unprecedented step of firing National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) General Counsel Peter Robb shortly after taking the…

Maury Baskin, Kevin E. Burke, Michael J. Lotito

House Passes Sweeping Labor Law Reform

USA - March 10 2021 On March 9, 2021, the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act of 2021 (PRO Act) by a largely party-line vote of…

Maury Baskin, Kevin E. Burke, James A. Paretti, Jr., Michael J. Lotito

PRO Act Would Upend U.S. Labor Laws for Non-Union and Unionized Employers Alike

USA - February 10 2021 On February 4, 2021, House and Senate Democrats introduced the Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act. Introduction was expected, as President…

Maury Baskin, Kevin E. Burke, Michael J. Lotito

Minority Unions - A Major Concern for Employers in 2021 and Beyond?

USA - January 11 2021 Recent media reports have covered the relatively new phenomenon of minority labor unions. These are not traditional unions in the sense of formal…

Tanja L. Thompson, Stefan J. Marculewicz