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Decades-Old Family Feud Over Steinbeck Estate and Control of His Works Finally Concludes

USA - January 3 2020 A family's decades-long battle over the rights to the work of literary giant John Steinbeck appears to have come to an end. The Ninth U.S. Circuit…

Amanda DiChello

The Cars Singer Leaves Estranged Wife Out of Will—Can He Do That?

USA - December 18 2019 The death of Ric Ocasek in September at age 75 came as a shock to fans of The Cars frontman-turned-music producer. More surprises came in the days…

Amanda DiChello

Stan Lee’s Business Manager Charged, but Elder Financial Abuse Can Happen to Anyone

USA - December 13 2019 At the end of Stan Lee's life, the Marvel Comics creator found himself surrounded by many people. Various allegations of financial elder abuse were…

Amanda DiChello

Do You Know Where Your Trust is Taxed? - Recent Developments in State Taxation of Trusts

USA - September 24 2019 The U.S. Supreme Court recently ruled that a state does not have the right to tax a beneficiary's income from an out-of-state trust solely based on…

Amanda DiChello

As Aretha Franklin’s Heirs Dispute Control of Estate, Judge Orders Court Supervision

USA - September 11 2019 When Aretha Franklin died in August 2018, at age 76, the initial belief that she left no will, followed by the discovery of three wills in her…

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