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Quick nip and tuck for development contributions regime

New Zealand - August 16 2013 Development contributions will not be removed or capped as a result of the government review following the Productivity Commission inquiry into…

Paula Brosnahan, John Hassan, Bill Sandston, Andrew Woods, Matthew Yarnell

Case clarifies scope of disturbance payments in Public Works Act

New Zealand - March 21 2013 The scope of the "disturbance payments" recoverable by land-owners under section 66 of the Public Works Act 1981 (PWA) was clarified last week in a…

Arthur Chung, Matthew Carroll, Andrew Woods, Matthew Yarnell

Council earthquake prone building policies can require repairs only to 34% of new building standard

New Zealand - February 8 2013 A High Court judgment this week for the Insurance Council of NZ (ICNZ) should remove an impediment to the Christchurch rebuild. Some repairs have…

Paul Holth, John Knight, John McKay, Andrew Woods

Government to consult on new earthquake safe policy

New Zealand - February 5 2013 A series of public meetings will be held to support the submissions process on the development of a new policy to deal with earthquake-prone…

Mark Nicholson, Andrew Woods, Matthew Yarnell

Commercial Deed of Lease gets make-over

New Zealand - November 8 2012 The Auckland District Law Society (ADLS) commercial Deed of Lease form has been updated to reflect changes in commercial leasing as a result of recent difficult market conditions, and lessons from the Canterbury earthquakes.