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So you think you own your electronic data, do you? Think again

New Zealand, United Kingdom - July 18 2014 A consensus has emerged from the Courts of Appeal in New Zealand and the UK that digital data is not property for the purposes of the law. The two…

Chris Dann, Bruce McClintock, Jane Parker

Lessons from De Beers' IT contract meltdown

New Zealand, United Kingdom - August 8 2011 The acrimonious collapse of the contract between De Beers UK and Atos Origin IT Services to upgrade De Beers’ diamond supply chain management software systems provides some useful lessons for New Zealand businesses in how to manage contractual relationships.

Chris Dann, Bruce McClintock, Jane Parker

Company fined $1.1 million for workplace death in Australia

Australia, New Zealand - August 20 2015 An Australian company has been fined $1.1 million for negligence leading to a workplace death. The prosecution was one of the first under Australia's…

Geoff Carter, Garth Gallaway, Marie Wisker

Court takes ACCC back to basics

Australia - August 4 2015 An identically constituted Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has twice found against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission…

Neil Anderson, Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Simon Peart, Matt Sumpter

Privately speaking - Issue 4, December 2015

Australia, European Union, New Zealand, United Kingdom, USA - December 18 2015 The risks for organisations from a privacy breach can be very high. This applies both when the organisation is the victim - as in industrial…

Geoff Carter, Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Sarah Quilliam-Mayne, Tim Sherman