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Trade mark dispute over Google AdWords settled with flowers?

New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 13 2014 Using a competitor's trade mark as a "key word" to get your brand more exposure in Internet search results has been a source of controversy in many…

Garth Gallaway, Justin Graham, Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Matt Sumpter

New Zealand follows UK lead on software patents

New Zealand - August 29 2013 The new Patents Act has finally been passed, completing the first reform of New Zealand's patent law in 60 years. We run through the main changes -…

Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Matt Sumpter

Rihanna "talks that talk" against Topshop

United Kingdom - February 4 2015 Character merchandising disputes can be messy where there isn't a contract, and tort law has traditionally resisted recognising personality rights or…

Justin Graham, Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Matt Sumpter

Australia and New Zealand – a single market for IP?

Australia, New Zealand - August 9 2013 "In 2013, it can hardly be doubted that New Zealand and Australia may, for the purposes of enforcing intellectual property rights, be regarded as one…

Jo Appleyard, Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Tim Sherman, Matt Sumpter

?.nz - more choice coming in domain names

Global, New Zealand - July 24 2012 The Domain Name Commission is considering extending the “.nz” domain name space by allowing people to register at the “second level”. 

Justin Graham, Tim Sherman, Matt Sumpter