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Anti-cartel legislation now passed but criminal sanctions gone

New Zealand - August 10 2017 The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill is now passed, almost six years after its introduction. Most of the amendments come into force…

Victoria Heine, Andy Nicholls, Matt Sumpter

'PAC' - a competition theory to unpick a dilemma

New Zealand - June 14 2016 The recent Z/Chevron merger, which reduces from four to three the number of big players in the New Zealand retail petrol market, required the…

Lucy Hare

Targeted review of competition regime

New Zealand - November 17 2015 The government is conducting a targeted review of the competition provisions in the Commerce Act, including the misuse of market power prohibition…

Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Simon Peart, Matt Sumpter

The Commerce Commission – not as unpredictable as you might think

New Zealand - November 9 2015 ​The Commerce Commission has blocked some 22 mergers since the current law came in effect in 2001. We draw some trends from the Commission's track…

Colin Fife, Matt Sumpter

Court takes ACCC back to basics

Australia - August 4 2015 An identically constituted Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has twice found against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission…

Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Pheroze Jagose, Simon Peart, Matt Sumpter