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The Commerce Commission – not as unpredictable as you might think

New Zealand - November 9 2015 ​The Commerce Commission has blocked some 22 mergers since the current law came in effect in 2001. We draw some trends from the Commission's track…

Neil Anderson, Colin Fife

Court takes ACCC back to basics

Australia - August 4 2015 An identically constituted Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has twice found against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission…

Neil Anderson, Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Pheroze Jagose, Simon Peart

Default drop-dead date for anti-dumping duties?

New Zealand - June 19 2015 Anti-dumping duties may be given a specified termination period under proposals now being consulted on by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and…

Grant David, Colin Fife, Daniel Kalderimis

Dispute resolution in New Zealand – trends and insights

New Zealand - June 17 2015 A number of trends are either emerging or gathering intensity in the litigation and dispute resolution arena which have the potential to expose…

Doug Alderslade, Michael Arthur, Justin Graham, John McKay, Edward Scorgie

Rihanna "talks that talk" against Topshop

United Kingdom - February 4 2015 Character merchandising disputes can be messy where there isn't a contract, and tort law has traditionally resisted recognising personality rights or…

Justin Graham, Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter