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Cover pricing in construction tenders: a risky business

Australia, New Zealand - October 19 2011 The ACCC had a recent win in a “cover pricing” case against a construction company and its managing director: the Federal Court found the company broke the law in providing a cover price to a competing bidder.

Neil Anderson, Grant David, Colin Fife, Neil Hoolihan, Lindsey Jones

Court takes ACCC back to basics

Australia - August 4 2015 An identically constituted Full Court of the Federal Court of Australia has twice found against the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission…

Neil Anderson, Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Pheroze Jagose, Simon Peart

Trade mark dispute over Google AdWords settled with flowers?

New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 13 2014 Using a competitor's trade mark as a "key word" to get your brand more exposure in Internet search results has been a source of controversy in many…

Garth Gallaway, Justin Graham, Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter

New Zealand follows UK lead on software patents

New Zealand - August 29 2013 The new Patents Act has finally been passed, completing the first reform of New Zealand's patent law in 60 years. We run through the main changes -…

Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter

Brexit and Parliamentary Sovereignty - implications for NZ?

European Union, New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 9 2016 Last week, a three-member panel of the English High Court held that the UK Secretary of State does not have power to give an Article 50 notice for the…

Tracey Epps, Daniel Kalderimis, Sarah Quilliam-Mayne