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Anti-cartel legislation now passed but criminal sanctions gone

New Zealand - August 10 2017 The Commerce (Cartels and Other Matters) Amendment Bill is now passed, almost six years after its introduction. Most of the amendments come into force…

Neil Anderson, Victoria Heine, Andy Nicholls

KDC one big step closer to extradition

New Zealand, USA - February 21 2017 ​The High Court has delivered an emphatic victory to the Crown and the United States Government, agreeing with the District Court that Kim Dotcom is…

Laura Fraser, Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien

Brexit and Parliamentary Sovereignty - implications for NZ?

European Union, New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 9 2016 Last week, a three-member panel of the English High Court held that the UK Secretary of State does not have power to give an Article 50 notice for the…

Tracey Epps, Daniel Kalderimis, Sarah Quilliam-Mayne

Supreme Court leaves door open to trust-busting litigation

New Zealand - April 20 2016 ​The Supreme Court has ruled that some family trust structures will be ineffective in protecting assets from claims by former partners and…

Laura Fraser

Targeted review of competition regime

New Zealand - November 17 2015 The government is conducting a targeted review of the competition provisions in the Commerce Act, including the misuse of market power prohibition…

Neil Anderson, Colin Fife, Lucy Hare, Simon Peart