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Lifting service sector productivity - which levers to pull?

New Zealand - July 31 2013 Where do you think the greatest potential to lift service industry productivity lies - in a more open occupational licensing regime, through more…

Victoria Heine, Andy Nicholls

The Greens – 18 months from the Cabinet table?

New Zealand - May 29 2013 Eighteen months out from the 2014 election and National still leads Labour comfortably in the polls. But add in the Greens and the race is much…

Victoria Heine, Andy Nicholls

Rules of commercial engagement with government

New Zealand - February 25 2013 The Auditor-General's inquiry into the process behind the selection of SkyCity to build the international convention centre provides a useful…

Bruce McClintock, Jane Parker, Andrew Woods, Matthew Yarnell

Cairns delivers a blinder - but at what cost?

New Zealand, United Kingdom - March 28 2012 The stain on the reputation of one of New Zealand’s greatest cricketers has been washed clean by the London High Court.

Garth Gallaway, Justin Graham, Daniel Kalderimis, Jack Hodder KC, John McKay

Watchdogs must keep up with media's changing face

New Zealand - January 19 2012 Opening the first public session of the inquiry into the culture and ethics of the British press, Lord Justice Leveson said that at the inquiry’s heart was one simple question: “Who guards the guardians?”