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Have set off rights been restricted by the PPSA without anyone noticing?

Australia, New Zealand - October 9 2017 A recent Western Australia decision in the receivership and liquidation of a construction company may have overturned the hitherto accepted view that…

Michael Arthur, Brian Clayton, Hamish Foote, Michael Harper, Edward Scorgie

New retentions scheme - D-Day looms but detail missing

New Zealand - March 22 2017 ​Principals and contractors will have to apply the new construction contracts retentions regime, due to come into force on 31 March, without the…

Fiona Bennett, Hamish Bolland, Matthew Carroll, Brian Clayton, Edward Scorgie, Greg Wise

Court lays out broker's role in business interruption insurance

New Zealand, United Kingdom - October 30 2015 A UK Court has distilled a series of principles from insurance case law to guide brokers on their obligations to their clients in relation to…

Garth Gallaway, John Knight

Upcoming changes to the Construction Contracts Act

New Zealand - October 28 2015 The Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015, to come into force progressively from 1 December this year, will result in significant change across…

Fiona Bennett, Brian Clayton, Edward Scorgie

Construction Contracts Act changes - is the tail wagging the dog?

New Zealand - July 1 2015 No-one who undertakes architectural, design or Surveying work can afford to ignore the Construction Contracts Act (CCA) Amendment Bill - and neither…

Edward Scorgie