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Copyright law – retreating from the trivial?

New Zealand - September 3 2014 New Zealand's Court of Appeal, in a careful and reasoned judgment, has added to the slow retreat from copyright law being a protector of the mundane…

Chris Dann, Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Matt Sumpter

Rihanna "talks that talk" against Topshop

United Kingdom - February 4 2015 Character merchandising disputes can be messy where there isn't a contract, and tort law has traditionally resisted recognising personality rights or…

Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter, Matt Sumpter

The Supremes' greatest hits

New Zealand - January 22 2013 For those with an appreciation of classic music from the 1960s, the Supremes were the outstanding vocal group on the Tamla Motown label. For those…

Doug Alderslade, Michael Arthur, John McKay, Adam Ross, Edward Scorgie

Market manipulation – a suspect form of human ingenuity

Australia - August 7 2013 A recent High Court of Australia decision has held that conduct with a dominant purpose of maintaining a price level of public securities constitutes…

Tim Smith, Roger Wallis

The BIA and leaky buildings – all care, no responsibility?

New Zealand - August 20 2012 It’s final. 

Garth Gallaway, Edward Scorgie