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Contracts – judges 2, simplicity 0

United Kingdom - March 28 2013 The enforceable written contract is usually a damn fine thing. The parties can perform or, if not, pay damages (unless liability has been excluded)…

Jo Appleyard, Edward Scorgie

Trade mark dispute over Google AdWords settled with flowers?

New Zealand, United Kingdom - November 13 2014 Using a competitor's trade mark as a "key word" to get your brand more exposure in Internet search results has been a source of controversy in many…

Garth Gallaway, Justin Graham, Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter, Matt Sumpter

New Zealand follows UK lead on software patents

New Zealand - August 29 2013 The new Patents Act has finally been passed, completing the first reform of New Zealand's patent law in 60 years. We run through the main changes -…

Kelly McFadzien, Paul Sumpter, Matt Sumpter

Cairns delivers a blinder - but at what cost?

New Zealand, United Kingdom - March 28 2012 The stain on the reputation of one of New Zealand’s greatest cricketers has been washed clean by the London High Court.

Linda Clark, Garth Gallaway, Justin Graham, Daniel Kalderimis, John McKay

Domestic (mis)trust and the corporate veil

United Kingdom - June 28 2013 Some say that limited liability companies are the spark plugs (or their silicon equivalent) of western capitalism. Others say that treating a company…

Jo Appleyard, Justin Graham