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Directors' private information safe from liquidators

New Zealand - December 4 2017 ​Liquidators cannot examine directors to obtain private financial information on which to judge their worth as prospective defendants. This position…

Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis

Insolvency Practitioners Bill adopted by new government

New Zealand - November 15 2017 ​Despite initial uncertainty, the Insolvency Practitioners Bill has been picked up by the new government. It will be amended by Supplementary Order…

Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis

The TPP is dead, long live the CPTPP

Global, New Zealand - November 13 2017 ​After more twists and turns than a Dan Brown novel, the 11 remaining member countries of the TPP (after the departure of the United States) have…

Tracey Epps, Daniel Kalderimis, Kate Yesberg

Have set off rights been restricted by the PPSA without anyone noticing?

Australia, New Zealand - October 9 2017 A recent Western Australia decision in the receivership and liquidation of a construction company may have overturned the hitherto accepted view that…

Michael Arthur, Brian Clayton, Michael Harper, John McKay, Edward Scorgie

Supreme Court clarifies solvency test

New Zealand - August 9 2017 ​The Supreme Court this week provided clarification on the extent to which a disputed damages claim should be taken into account when deciding whether…

Michael Arthur, Michael Harper, Daniel Kalderimis