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Company fined $1.1 million for workplace death in Australia

Australia, New Zealand - August 20 2015 An Australian company has been fined $1.1 million for negligence leading to a workplace death. The prosecution was one of the first under Australia's…

Geoff Carter, Pheroze Jagose, Marie Wisker

Supreme Court D&O decision affects all liability insurance

New Zealand, United Kingdom - January 20 2014 All cost-inclusive insurance liability policies need to be reviewed following a Supreme Court judgment late last year, the effect of which is to deny…

James Burt, John Knight, Adam Ross

Australian boss fined AUD$12,500 for workplace bullying

Australia - August 30 2016 An Australian builder has been fined AUD$12,500 for the systematic bullying of a young apprentice. He has also suffered significant reputational…

Geoff Carter, Marie Wisker

Court lays out broker's role in business interruption insurance

New Zealand, United Kingdom - October 30 2015 A UK Court has distilled a series of principles from insurance case law to guide brokers on their obligations to their clients in relation to…

John Knight, John McKay

Hefty fine for Health and Safety breach in Australia

Australia - May 10 2016 A Sydney construction company has been fined $425,000 and its sole officer $85,000, plus costs, after a bricklayer fell to his death on a…

Geoff Carter, Marie Wisker