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So you think you own your electronic data, do you? Think again

New Zealand, United Kingdom - July 18 2014 A consensus has emerged from the Courts of Appeal in New Zealand and the UK that digital data is not property for the purposes of the law. The two…

Pheroze Jagose, Bruce McClintock, Jane Parker

Lessons from De Beers' IT contract meltdown

New Zealand, United Kingdom - August 8 2011 The acrimonious collapse of the contract between De Beers UK and Atos Origin IT Services to upgrade De Beers’ diamond supply chain management software systems provides some useful lessons for New Zealand businesses in how to manage contractual relationships.

Pheroze Jagose, Bruce McClintock, Jane Parker

Unfair contract terms – reviewed your standard forms yet?

Australia, New Zealand - August 21 2014 The Commerce Commission has released draft guidelines setting out its proposed approach to new provisions on unfair contract terms under the Fair…

Copyright law – retreating from the trivial?

New Zealand - September 3 2014 New Zealand's Court of Appeal, in a careful and reasoned judgment, has added to the slow retreat from copyright law being a protector of the mundane…

Justin Graham, Jack Hodder KC, Kelly McFadzien, Matt Sumpter

Consumer Law Reform Bill - now a lot closer to Australia

Australia, New Zealand - October 4 2012 Amendments proposed by the Commerce Committee will bring the Consumer Law Reform Bill much closer to the Australian model.

Kelly McFadzien