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Supreme Court D&O decision affects all liability insurance

New Zealand, United Kingdom - January 20 2014 All cost-inclusive insurance liability policies need to be reviewed following a Supreme Court judgment late last year, the effect of which is to deny…

James Burt, Garth Gallaway, John Knight

2014 will be a watershed year for New Zealand directors

New Zealand - October 24 2013 Four statutes, all of which will be passed before the end of next year, will make 2014 a watershed year for New Zealand directors. The Finance…

Ross Pennington

Directors and officers lose cover for defence costs

New Zealand - September 19 2011 A shock ruling this week by the Auckland High Court casts doubt on the extent to which directors can rely on their liability cover to help pay for defence costs in criminal and civil proceedings.

James Burt, Victoria Heine

Comply with your discovery obligations or face the consequences

New Zealand, USA - June 10 2011 A recent US appeal court decision – where a firm was stripped of a positive US$400 million verdict because it had destroyed documents unhelpful to its case – provides a useful reminder to New Zealand businesses that their discovery obligations may arise earlier than they think and that they need to have robust systems in place.

Lynn Holtz, Edward Scorgie, Daniel Street

Do you have what it takes to be a health and safety PCBU?

Australia - August 8 2013 If all goes according to plan, we will have a tougher health and safety (H&S) regime in place by the end of next year and an ugly new acronym will…

Doug Alderslade, Geoff Carter, Garth Gallaway, Pheroze Jagose, Marie Wisker