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Supreme Court supports arbitration agreements

New Zealand - December 22 2014 Just in time for Christmas, the Supreme Court has clarified New Zealand's arbitration jurisprudence by ruling that parties generally cannot avoid…

Daniel Kalderimis, Jack Hodder KC

Small change, big deal

New Zealand - November 17 2014 From 6 December, people injured by an offender in the conduct of a crime will be able to receive reparation for the difference between the…

Garth Gallaway, Pheroze Jagose, Marie Wisker

Long journey but okay result on vexed directors' crimes issue

New Zealand - July 25 2014 It took several iterations and three Supplementary Order Papers, but the result justifies the effort - we now have a workable solution to the vexed…

Garth Gallaway, Ross Pennington, Geof Shirtcliffe, Roger Wallis

Arbitration agreement set aside where parties provided for unavailable appeal rights

New Zealand - June 27 2014 The New Zealand Supreme Court has unanimously reversed the Court of Appeal in finding that an arbitration agreement, expressed to be subject to…

Garth Gallaway, Daniel Kalderimis, Jack Hodder KC

Financial Markets Conduct Act key to Supreme Court Lombard decision

New Zealand - May 8 2014 The restriction of criminal liability for false disclosure in the Financial Markets Conduct Act to deliberate dishonesty or recklessness was a key…

Victoria Heine, John Holland, Ross Pennington, Geof Shirtcliffe, Roger Wallis