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Mask off: Social media giants to unmask trolls or risk themselves becoming liable for defamation payouts

Australia - December 1 2021 In a significant development in online regulatory oversight, the Australian government announced over the weekend that it will introduce new laws…

Cameron Abbott, Max Evans, James Gray, Rob Pulham

Would mandatory reporting of ransomware payments cause more good or trouble?

Australia - July 15 2021 Last month, the federal opposition (Shadow Assistant Minister for Cyber Security) introduced the private member's Ransomware Payments Bill (the Bill)…

Cameron Abbott, Jacqueline Patishman

New Cyber Security Evaluation Tool Released by US Homeland Security for Organisations to Self-Test their Security Systems

USA - July 14 2021 The United States Department of Homeland Security has developed the Cyber Security Evaluation Tool (CSET) which provides a systematic (and…

Cameron Abbott

New US / AUS Cross-Border Data Access Regime

Australia, USA - July 12 2021 The Telecommunications Legislations Amendment (International Orders) Bill 2020 has just cleared both Houses of Parliament. The new bill establishes a…

Cameron Abbott, Jacqueline Patishman

Is ABC’s mandatory login into ABC iview legal?

Australia - June 27 2021 From July 1 all users of ABC’s on demand platform iview will be required to log in (and to have an account) to use the platform. It’s been reported…

Cameron Abbott