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Facebook’s face-off with the OAIC to proceed says High Court of Australia

Australia - March 14 2023 Proceedings led by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) against Facebook, Inc. (Facebook) for their role in the Cambridge…

Cameron Abbott, Dadar Ahmadi-Pirshahid, Stephanie Mayhew

Good report card but data breaches are up, with no sign of letting up

Australia - March 8 2023 Shortly after the Government announced their ambition to make Australia a global leader in cyber security, Australia has been named the country with…

Cameron Abbott, Dadar Ahmadi-Pirshahid, Stephanie Mayhew

Privacy Reform is Here: It's Time to get Your House in Order!

Australia - March 6 2023 Following a number of high-profile cyber incidents last year, the Australian Government (the Government) is proving that privacy…

Cameron Abbott, Stephanie Mayhew

Australia to be the most cyber secure nation?

Australia - March 5 2023 Not content with merely implementing broad-scale privacy reform, the Government has announced a new position, the Coordinator for Cyber Security to…

Cameron Abbott

Breaking down the Privacy Act review report #3: removal of the small business exemption

Australia - March 3 2023 Currently, most small businesses (with some exceptions) are not covered by the Privacy Act - with the threshold shaping a small business being an…

Cameron Abbott, Stephanie Mayhew