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Australia’s international cyber strategy pivots towards critical technology in neighboring countries

Australia - May 2 2021 In a bid to maintain stability in the Indo-Pacific region, Australia has pledged $37.5 million to bolster the security and development of critical…

Cameron Abbott, Emily Gamaroff, Jacqueline Patishman

No News is Bad News! Big digital platforms flex their influence to no avail.

Australia - March 3 2021 After severe criticism from the Australian government and others, Facebook has reversed its initial response to the controversial news media code of…

Cameron Abbott

A Home Affair: Department Of Home Affairs Ordered To Compensate Asylum Seekers Following Inadvertent Disclosure

Australia - February 8 2021 As a result of a recent class action, the Department of Home Affairs has been ordered by the Australian Information Commissioner, Angelene Falk, to…

Cameron Abbott, Warwick Andersen, Max Evans

No news is good news…not always!

Australia - September 3 2020 The Commonwealth Government is proposing to introduce a controversial new mandatory code that intends to regulate digital platforms and their…

Cameron Abbott, Max Evans

EU Court of Justice Invalidates Privacy Shield

European Union - July 17 2020 On the morning of 16 July 2020, in a significant decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU), the Privacy Shield was held to be…

Cameron Abbott, Keely O’Dowd, Rob Pulham