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Very Long Duration Storage

USA - November 18 2020 Bill Holmes, Mike O’Neill, and David Wochner discuss very long duration storage and impacts on hydrogen and broader energy markets, as well as U.S…

William H. Holmes, David L. Wochner

Energy Storage Handbook Vol. 6

USA - November 16 2020 This Energy Storage Handbook is designed to be a basic primer on what energy storage is, how federal and state governments regulate it, and…

Matthew P. Clark, Elizabeth C. Crouse, Buck B. Endemann, Kimberly B. Frank, David P. Hattery, Elias B. Hinckley, William H. Holmes, Abraham F. Johns, Stan Lewandowski, Patrick T. Metz, Olivia B. Mora, Charles H. Purcell, Natalie J. Reid, John C. Rothermich, Sandra E. Safro, Jonathan Shallow, Elizabeth Thomas

The Promise of Fusion Energy May be Closer Than You Think

United Kingdom, USA - October 1 2020 For nearly 100 years, scientists and engineers, as well as science fiction authors and fans, have dreamt of harnessing fusion reactions to power our…

Francis E. Iyayi, Tim L. Peckinpaugh

U.S. House of Representatives Demonstrates Support for Fusion Energy

USA - September 30 2020 Fusion energy continues to build support among U.S. policymakers. On 24 September 2020, the U.S. House of Representatives approved a program for…

Abraham F. Johns, Tim L. Peckinpaugh

Recent Actions By CFIUS Underscore Importance of Review Process

USA - March 20 2020 Earlier this month, the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (“CFIUS” or “the Committee”) took two noteworthy actions that underscore…

Erica L. Bakies, Sarah F. Burgart, Stacy J. Ettinger, Steven F. Hill, Jeffrey Orenstein