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Should Copyright Exceptions Apply to AI Mined Data? And Other Questions Raised Under the UKIPO Consultation on Artificial Intelligence and Copyright and Patents

Global, United Kingdom - November 2 2021 On Friday 29 October, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office (the “UKIPO”) launched a consultation entitled “Artificial Intelligence and IP: copyright…

Sunny Kumar, Niall Lavery

Cosmetic Blunder - All UK Instagram Content Must Make Clear On the Face of it that It’s an Ad, Including Reels and Stories

United Kingdom - October 21 2021 The UK Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has found that an influencer’s Instagram reel and story breached the advertising regulations. All…

Arthur Artinian

Could You Be Using Your Trade Marks to Stop Unauthorised Resellers in the EU?

European Union - April 30 2021 In this internet age, where a brand can be damaged by a single, negative review going viral, never has it been more important for a brand owner to…

Gabriela R. Da Costa

Advertising in the Time of Coronavirus

European Union, United Kingdom - February 18 2021 COVID-19 and the many national lockdowns that have followed have caused a huge shift in advertising and marketing. Suddenly, everyone is at home and…

Arthur Artinian

Not such a friendly decision for Hugz: A new development in passing off that could help combat fashion copy-cats

United Kingdom - November 23 2020 On 19 November 2020, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) in the UK handed down its judgment in the case of Freddy SPA v Hugz Clothing…

Simon Casinader