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Carbon Quarterly - Special Edition Volume 7

USA - December 22 2022 Carbon Quarterly is a newsletter covering developments in carbon policy, law, and innovation. No matter your views on climate change policy, there is…

Molly K. Barker, Christina A. Elles, Buck B. Endemann, Brendan Lai, Tad J. Macfarlan, Laurie B. Purpuro, Arun Ravindran, Robert M. Smith, Lian Yok Tan, Ankur K. Tohan

Pennsylvania's Growing Electric Vehicle Charging Network: What's All the Buzz About NEVI Plans?

USA - September 20 2022 With electric vehicles (EVs) on the rise, recent federal legislative and policy initiatives have prompted states to develop related infrastructure…

Thomas R. DeCesar, Buck B. Endemann, Nathan C Howe, Tad J. Macfarlan, Pierce Richardson

Pennsylvania Takes Emergency Action to Regulate Conventional Oil and Gas Industry Emissions

USA - December 14 2022 On 30 November 2022, the Pennsylvania Environmental Quality Board (EQB) voted 16-2 to approve an emergency rule regulating volatile organic compound…

David J. Raphael

Governor Shapiro Takes Action to Improve Permitting Efficiency Within Pennsylvania Agencies

USA - February 2 2023 On 31 January 2023, Governor Josh Shapiro signed an Executive Order to improve Pennsylvania's licensing, permitting, and certification processes.1…

David J. Raphael

EPA Designates PFAS Chemicals As Hazardous Substances in Newly Proposed CERCLA Regulations

USA - August 29 2022 On Friday, 26 August 2022, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) moved forward with a proposed rulemaking regarding how certain PFAS…

Dawn M. Lamparello, Brian S. Montag, David J. Raphael, Cliff L. Rothenstein, Ankur K. Tohan