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If It Ain’t Broke… Davies Comments on Draft Capital Markets Act

Canada - February 25 2022 Although some modifications to Ontario securities law are overdue, the wholesale replacement of the Securities Act with a completely new piece of…

Aaron J. Atkinson, Chantelle (Spagnola) Cseh, Jordan Lavi, Robert S. Murphy, Patricia L. Olasker, Carol D. Pennycook, Derek D. Ricci, David Wilson

Rapport sur la gouvernance 2019

Canada, European Union, United Kingdom, USA - July 28 2021 Le Rapport de Davies sur la gouvernance 2019 présente une analyse détaillée des tendances et des nouveautés qui ont…

Aaron J. Atkinson, Jeffrey Nadler, Patricia L. Olasker, Franziska Ruf

Start Your (Little) Engines: Activist Investor Wins Exxon Board Seats

Canada - June 1 2021 Against a backdrop of numerous recent key climate announcements, May 26, 2021, marked a bad day for Big Oil. Engine No. 1, an activist investor with…

Patricia L. Olasker, Alexandria J. Pike, Sarah V. Powell, Melanie A. Shishler

Ontario Government “Budgets” a Few Words for Capital Markets Modernization

Canada - March 26 2021 The Ontario Government’s 2021 budget was delivered on March 24, 2021. Although there was no doubt that the focus of the budget would be on the…

Robert S. Murphy, Patricia L. Olasker

Between a Block and a Hard Place: ESW Capital Denied Relief in Proposed Bid for Optiva

Canada - March 15 2021 In the recently released reasons of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) in Re ESW Capital, LLC, the OSC reconfirmed the proposition, first…

Patricia L. Olasker, Melanie A. Shishler