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IDX Launches New Economy Board to Accommodate Volatile Tech Stocks

Indonesia - January 9 2023 The Indonesian Government and Indonesia Stock Exchange (“IDX”) have long been eager for more players in the country’s booming tech scene to go public…

Ayik Candrawulan Gunadi, Novario Asca Hutagalung

Indonesia’s OJK Moves to Beef Up Consumer Protection in Financial Services Sector

Indonesia - October 4 2022 Against a backdrop of widespread unauthorized disclosure of personal data and dubious business practices that frequently leave consumers of financial…

Rully Hidayat, Yanny M Suryaretina

OJK Moves to Better Regulate Stock Splits and Reverse Stock Splits by Public Companies

Indonesia - September 26 2022 A stock split (“SS”) is where a company subdivides its shares by splitting 1 share into 2 or more shares based on an agreed ratio. This results in an…

Ayik Candrawulan Gunadi, Novario Asca Hutagalung