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Podcast: A Conversation with Former Florida Solicitor General Amit Agarwal

USA - September 15 2022 In the 13th Episode of our "Florida Capital Conversations" podcast series, AMIT Agarwal, co-chair of the firm's Appellate Litigation Team, joins the…

Nathan A. Adams IV, Mia L. McKown

U.S. Supreme Court Stays OSHA Vaccine Mandate, But Allows Enforcement of CMS Vaccine Mandate

USA - January 13 2022 The U.S. Supreme Court today reached split decisions on the so-called vaccination mandates issued, respectively, by the Occupational Safety and…

Frederick D. Braid, Gina A. Fonte, Nathan A. Adams IV, Meghan McCaig, Howard Sokol

Supreme Court to Take Shot at Healthcare and OSHA Vaccine Mandates

USA - December 23 2021 The litigation over federal vaccine mandates has encountered its latest dramatic twist. The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral argument on Jan. 7…

Frederick D. Braid, Gina A. Fonte, Meghan McCaig, Howard Sokol

The Sixth Circuit wins the OSHA ETS Lottery: What we know and what happens next

USA - November 17 2021 When multiple parties sue a federal agency in different appeals courts, a special Judicial Panel consolidates the cases and selects one court to hear…

Frederick D. Braid, Meghan McCaig, Howard Sokol