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COVID-19 Advocacy Efforts Implicate Lobbying Laws

USA - March 31 2020 The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses profound threats to the health of individual Americans, to the U.S. economy and to long-established ways of…

Samuel Brown, Christopher "Chris" DeLacy, Rachel T. Provencher

Foreign Gifts to U.S. Educational Institutions Under Increased Scrutiny

USA - July 30 2019 U.S. institutions of higher education are required to report foreign gifts and contracts under Section 117 of the Higher Education Act. The…

Christopher "Chris" DeLacy, Ronald A Oleynik

Five Facts: Congressional Testimony Dos and Don’ts

USA - April 30 2019 Preparing for and executing testimony during a legislative hearing or investigation can be a high-stakes, stressful affair. Understanding the rules…

Christopher J Armstrong, Kathryn Hazeem Lehman

Political Operative Indicted for Lying to Congress

USA - January 28 2019 On Jan. 24, 2019, a Grand Jury for the District of Columbia issued a seven-count indictment charging a political operative with Obstruction of an…

Christopher "Chris" DeLacy

Reform on the Agenda: Recent Political Law Developments in Washington, D.C., Boston and New York

USA - January 14 2019 H.R. 1, the first bill introduced by the Democratic leadership in the House of Representatives, focuses largely on reforms to the political process…

Samuel Brown, Christopher "Chris" DeLacy