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Orders Without Borders: Australia's new law allows authorities access to data from communications service providers

Australia - September 2 2021 International arrangements have long facilitated the making and receiving of requests for access to electronic and communications data held overseas…

Rose Jenkins, Kent Teague

"Contemptuous" infringers gonna cop it: Palmer copyright infringement leads to $1 million in additional damages

Australia - May 13 2021 In cases involving copyright, trade mark, patent or design infringement, the Court has a discretion to award what are known as "additional damages"…

Francesca Teng

Is your organisation moving fast to respond to COVID-19 from a privacy law perspective?

Australia - April 16 2020 The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) has published guidance for organisations regulated by the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) on…

Ken Saurajen, Sharon Segal

What's copyright worth? ACCC's final Copyright Guidelines assist in valuing creative content

Australia - April 18 2019 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has published final Copyright Guidelines to assist the Copyright Tribunal in the determination of…

Bruce Lloyd, Francesca Teng

Is your threat of IP infringement proceedings unjustified? New additional damages now available

Australia, United Kingdom - March 7 2019 Rights holders should consider their position carefully before making a threat to commence court proceedings for infringement of their intellectual…

Korina Hui