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FIRB application fees will double from 29 July: what you need to know

Australia - July 25 2022 On 21 July 2022, the Federal Government issued the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Fees Imposition Amendment (Fee Doubling) Regulations 2022 (Cth)…

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M&A Report 2022

Australia, Global - May 9 2022 2021 was like no other year in Australia. The Australian market saw a record number of deals in all sectors and over the next few pages we take a…

Simon Brady, Brett Cohen, Emma Covacevich, Andrew Hay, Liz Humphry, Stuart MacGregor, Samy Mansour, Kylie de Oliveira, Andrew Walker, David Wilkie

Australian offshore wind guide

Australia - May 5 2022 With the International Energy Agency predicting that offshore wind will become one of the big three sources of renewable energy globally Australia…

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Permanent reforms to permit the use of technology to hold shareholder meetings

Australia - March 3 2022 Parliament has passed permanent amendments to the Corporations Act relating to the use of technology to hold shareholder meetings under the…

Jonathan Algar, Stephanie Daveson, Brendan Groves, Rod Halstead, Liz Humphry, David Landy, Samy Mansour, Andrew Walker

Exclusivity - Takeover Panel's reasons in AusNet Services

Australia - December 23 2021 The Takeovers Panel has now published its reasons for the decision in the matter of Ausnet Services Limited 01 following its declaration on 15…

Rod Halstead