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Australia signs up to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI)

Australia - May 12 2016 The EITI is a global standard that promotes open, accountable and inclusive management of natural resources. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie…

Dipesh Jasmat, Adel van der Walt

Will Australia's first dedicated energy and resources arbitration centre meet the needs of industry?

Australia - March 19 2015 The Perth Centre for Energy & Resources Arbitration could give the region's energy and resources sector a fresh incentive to consider arbitration at…

Dipesh Jasmat, Adel van der Walt

Greater scrutiny of offshore retention leases under proposed "use it or lose it" policy

Australia - October 10 2013 Under the Coalition Government's Policy for Resources and Energy released in September 2013, oil and gas companies may have their offshore Retention…

Kevin O'Sullivan

Foreign investment back on the agenda

Australia - July 4 2013 Foreign investment in Australia would face significant new hurdles if proposals just tabled by a Parliamentary committee were adopted. The proposals…

John Elliott

When opportunity knocks, don't let a contingent reasonable endeavour obligation stop you answering

Australia - April 11 2013 The Supreme Court of Western Australia's Court of Appeal recently had cause to consider the effect of a reasonable endeavour obligation in the…

Jeremy Wilkin