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Australian offshore wind guide

Australia - May 5 2022 With the International Energy Agency predicting that offshore wind will become one of the big three sources of renewable energy globally Australia…

Joanna Pugsley, Brett Cohen, Emma Covacevich, Damien Gardiner, Alison Kennedy, Andrew Leece, Stuart MacGregor, Pip Mitchell, Rory Moriarty, Cilla Robinson, Claire Smith

What is the X factor in P2X? A transformative solution to decarbonising and renewable energy intermittency beyond hydrogen

Australia - November 25 2021 The Australian energy sector has experienced a huge increase in wind and solar generation projects being built and connected to the National…

Olga Horbowy, Stuart MacGregor, Romany Sloan, Nick Thomas

Clean energy transition: NSW to offer revenue underwriting for selected renewable projects

Australia - August 19 2021 Renewable project developers, investors, funders and other stakeholders are being given the opportunity to have their say on the proposed design of…

Tristan Appleby, Stephanie Centorame, Dan Howard, Stuart MacGregor, Romany Sloan, Faith Taylor

Capitalising on Australia's offshore wind potential

Australia - August 10 2021 A recent report from the Blue Economy Cooperative Research Centre, on Offshore Wind Energy in Australia finds that Australia has very high quality…

Olga Horbowy

Is the Commonwealth Government waterproofing our future? The new National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility

Australia - February 28 2017 Water infrastructure is high on the Commonwealth Government's agenda. Proof of that is the recent launch of the $2 billion National Water…

Gabby Herron