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Significant reform to Australia's cyber security laws with passage of critical infrastructure reforms

Australia - December 23 2021 Around the world, there has been an alarming rise in the number of threats against critical infrastructure. In response, the first part of the…

Lina Fischer, Audrika Haque, Joel Von Thien

Serious cartel activity and challenges with successful prosecutions: trends in criminal cartel cases

Australia - December 23 2021 The ACCC has shown that it will vigorously pursue criminal cartel cases - placing a high emphasis on deterring, detecting and dismantling cartels…

Annie Achie, Michael Corrigan, Alana Dunn, Sunita Kenny, Lindsay Norton, Karunyah Paskaran

Splitting the Critical Infrastructure Bill - an update from the Parliamentary Joint Committee report

Australia - October 14 2021 Parliament is proposing to split the Security Legislation Amendment (Critical Infrastructure) Bill, which will allow pressing reforms to be promptly…

Nicholas Fletcher, Sian-Lee Ooi, Paul Shin, Joel Von Thien

Changes to registry fees as part of a modernised registry system, coming soon for Australian businesses

Australia - February 7 2019 The Australian Government has indicated that it will make changes to the current system of registry fees to ensure a simpler, easier to understand…

Charis Chan, Samy Mansour, Dane Mckeen

Powering up: Australian Government moves on trillion-dollar lithium-ion opportunity

Australia - February 7 2019 Australia's potential as the world's leading lithium-ion battery manufacturer is in the spotlight with the release of the Australian Government's…

Charis Chan, Samy Mansour, Dane Mckeen