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UK decision on COVID-19 business interruption insurance could suggest success for Australian insureds

United Kingdom - February 18 2021 Australia is not the only country in which businesses and their insurers have sought guidance on the scope of COVID-19 business interruption…

Chris Erfurt, David Gerber.

COVID-19 claims under business interruption insurance - NSW Court of Appeal gives go-ahead in test case

Australia - November 19 2020 Insurers cannot deny claims by insureds for loss caused by business interruption due to COVID-19 by relying on an exclusion which excludes "diseases…

Bronwyn McNeil, Chris Erfurt, Danielle Davison, David Gerber, Douglas Bishop, Dr Ashley Tsacalos, Jane Paskin, Mark Sammut, Mark Waller, Nick Cooper.

Six D&O solutions in search of a director: what the market thinks about possible ways forward through the D&O dilemma

Australia - November 12 2020 The market is not looking for legislative fixes to the pricing dilemma in D&O insurance, but is considering some more left-field options to plug the…

Fred Hawke.

Webinar: Purchasing and maintaining D&O Insurance in a hard market

Australia - September 8 2020 The COVID-19 pandemic, class actions and general market forces have created an unprecedented challenge for those trying to purchase and renew…

Fred Hawke.

Five (un)easy pieces: some possible solutions to the D&O dilemma

Australia - August 6 2020 D&O insurance is becoming costlier and harder to get, so it's time to explore the options. It's timely now to consider how corporate life might adapt…

Fred Hawke.