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Fearless Girl wins legal fight to keep standing

Australia - March 18 2021 Four years ago a small, defiant figure, her ponytails flying in the wind, stared down a striking manifestation of Wall Street's Animal spirits: a…

Dean Gerakiteys

What's copyright worth? ACCC's final Copyright Guidelines assist in valuing creative content

Australia - April 18 2019 The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has published final Copyright Guidelines to assist the Copyright Tribunal in the determination of…

Bruce Lloyd, Timothy Webb

No fishy business: First case on substantially transformed complementary medicine tests meaning of "Australian Made"

Australia - December 20 2018 Country of origin claims have been under the spotlight this year since the release in March of the ACCC's non-binding "Country of origin labelling…

Dean Gerakiteys

"Contemptuous" infringers gonna cop it: Palmer copyright infringement leads to $1 million in additional damages

Australia - May 13 2021 In cases involving copyright, trade mark, patent or design infringement, the Court has a discretion to award what are known as "additional damages"…

Timothy Webb