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Government Services 5 Minute Fix 02

Australia - December 12 2019 One of the lasting legacies from Kioa v West, as it has been applied and evolved in subsequent cases…

Rachel Noronha, Bianca Mendelson, Monique Azzopardi, Caroline Bush, Eleanor Cannon, John Carroll, Elizabeth Forbes, Tom Gardner, Timothy Gordon, Shae McCartney, Orla McCoy, Carolyn Scott, Cain Sibley, Dr Ashley Tsacalos.

Some private conduct is now "corrupt conduct" under Queensland's Crime and Corruption Act

Australia - March 7 2019 Back in 2017, we flagged that the Queensland Parliament was considering broadening the definition of corrupt conduct under the Crime and Corruption…

Eleanor Dickens, Sam Weston.

Fact or fiction ‒ will the Notifiable Data Breach Requirements apply to State and Local Governments?

Australia - February 15 2018 The Mandatory Data Breach Notification Scheme under Part IIIC of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) will require subject entities to report a data breach that…

Eleanor Dickens.

One step closer: the Queensland Competition Authority's draft decision on Aurizon Network's Standard User Funding Agreement

Australia - August 17 2017 The QCA stated that it was conscious of the need for the SUFA framework to provide a genuine alternative to facilitate CQCN expansions...

Andrew Holmes.

The Queensland Government to broaden the reach of the State's corruption watchdog

Australia - March 30 2017 Queensland's anti-corruption legislation, the Crime and Corruption Act, has been the subject of significant change and amendment over the past five…

Eleanor Dickens.