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Western Australia opts in to new state class action regime

Australia - September 26 2022 Following the lead of other Australian states, a class action regime will soon be introduced in the Western Australian Supreme Court, which will have…

William Atfield, Alex Corsaro

The ACCC's product safety priorities for 2022/2023 - "Protecting Tomorrow's Consumers Today"

Australia - June 24 2022 These yearly safety priorities are in addition to the ACCC's other core work in the product safety area, which includes monitoring safety hazards and…

William Atfield, Alex Corsaro, Andrew Morrison

Full Federal Court decision lowers the bar for litigation funders

Australia - June 22 2022 In a decision that has significant implications for the class action industry, the Full Court of the Federal Court has determined that litigation…

Blair McEwan, James Walker, Greg Williams

Does the limitation clock tick on after an abandoned class action? The Federal Court has its say

Australia - May 12 2022 The judgment in Turner v TESA Mining (NSW) Pty Ltd (No 2) brings some certainty for defendants in class actions, who can be more confident that a…

William Atfield, Alex Corsaro, Greg Williams

Serious cartel activity and challenges with successful prosecutions: trends in criminal cartel cases

Australia - December 23 2021 The ACCC has shown that it will vigorously pursue criminal cartel cases - placing a high emphasis on deterring, detecting and dismantling cartels…

Michael Corrigan, Alana Dunn, Sunita Kenny, Lindsay Norton, Karunyah Paskaran, Minnie Wu