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Condominium Act 2014? Manager licensing

Canada - November 18 2013 The sensational stories in the news over the past few years, about condominium corporations left with depleted reserve funds as a result of fraud…

Codes of conduct for professionals: far-reaching implications

Canada - August 7 2013 Lawyers, accountants and other professionals, beware - we now have a very interesting Alberta Court of Appeal decision from the Discipline Tribunal…

Was your condo reserve fund study prepared by a qualified professional?

Canada - February 6 2013 Can anyone do a Reserve Fund Study? Yes if you are a Strata Corporation in B.C. and no if you are a condominium corporation in Ontario. A recent…

Property tax saving for green condo projects

Canada, USA - August 2 2012 How do you motivate condo developers to make green building standards a priority?

Invasion of privacy in condominiums

Canada - February 2 2012 A recent case before the Ontario Court of Appeal dealing with the privacy of a Bank customer's personal information, may have some interesting applications for condominium corporations and property managers across Canada.