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Ontario judge rules that Guatemalans’ lawsuits against Canadian mining company can proceed in Canada

Canada - August 27 2013 On July 22, 2013, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ruled in Choc v. Hudbay Minerals Inc. that three separate lawsuits brought by indigenous…

Kevin MacNeill

Arbitrator upholds cause termination of 37-year employee due to safety violations

Canada - April 25 2013 In the context of labour arbitrations, long service has often been a factor invoked by arbitrators to mitigate against serious disciplinary…

Far from home, not from risk - OHS laws and Canadian workers abroad

Canada - April 2 2013 Just a few weeks ago, Islamic terrorists stormed a natural gas plant staffed by hundreds of Algerian workers and a number of foreign workers. The…

Kevin MacNeill

City of Guelph acquitted of OHS charge arising from fatality to a member of public

Canada - February 28 2013 The City of Guelph was recently found not guilty of a health and safety charge resulting from an accident at a workplace that led to the death of a…

Leave to appeal sought from Alberta Court of Appeal in fatal stampede calf-roping machine incident

Canada - November 5 2012 The Alberta Court of Appeal will soon hear a motion for leave to appeal convictions under Alberta’s health and safety legislation following the death of a worker during a Calgary Stampede party.