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RE&C in review: Design professionals will be granted lien rights on commercial projects under Senate Bill 49

USA - August 31 2021 Beginning September 30, 2021, architects, landscape architects, professional engineers, and professional surveyors will be granted lien rights on…

James T. Dixon

Business Blog: New Ohio Law to Help Property Owners Will Take Effect July 26, 2021

USA - May 20 2021 Senate Bill 57, signed by Governor Mike DeWine, and sponsored by Senator Bob Hackett and Nickie Antonio, has put forth several provisions that are…

Business Blog: WFH! Working from Home and Real Estate Trends in 2021

USA - March 1 2021 Last year, the Coronavirus pandemic led to an unprecedented number of empty offices due to shelter in place orders forcing employees to work from…

RE&C In Review: Ohio Supreme Court Finds that Purchase Price in "Drop and Swap" Transactions May Establish Tax Value of Real Estate

USA - February 16 2021 When parties desire to buy and sell real estate, they sometimes will utilize what is known as a “drop and swap” transaction. In a “drop and swap”…

Thomas A. Gattozzi

Corporate Alert: Alternatives to In-Person Meetings in the Wake of COVID-19

USA - March 30 2020 As a result of the recommended social distancing that many state and local governments have asked businesses and public entities to observe, many…

Elizabeth G. Yeargin