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Corporate tips: Learning how to defend against ransomware from cybercriminals

USA - November 10 2021 No one is completely safe from being hacked by cybercriminals, not even the cybercriminals themselves. This fact was revealed in a recent interview…

Jarman J. Smith

Corporate TIPS: Update - Cyberattack on Microsoft demonstrates importance of incident response

USA - October 1 2021 A wave of highly disruptive cyberattacks have rattled organizations, businesses, agencies and bureaucracies throughout the world. These kinds of…

Jarman J. Smith

Corporate TIPS: U.S. Data Privacy Law Patchwork Grows as States Enact New Legislation

USA - August 18 2021 The framework of comprehensive data privacy regulations in the United States has expanded yet again, with two states enacting new privacy legislation…

Jarman J. Smith

Corporate TIPS: Cyberattacks Are The Number One Risk to Businesses

USA - June 23 2021 According to a joint study by Willis Towers Watson PLC and Clyde & Co. LLP, company directors believe the biggest corporate risks are cyberattacks…

Jarman J. Smith

Corporate TIPS: All-Time High GDPR Fines

European Union - April 14 2021 The European Union (EU) has begun taking an aggressive approach toward privacy law enforcement. Since the enactment of the General Data Privacy…

Jarman J. Smith