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SCC Confirms a "Deal is a Deal": Party Not Allowed to Re-Negotiate a Contract Because it No Longer Liked the Terms

Canada - November 28 2018 In the recent Supreme Court of Canada (“SCC”) case, Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corp v Hydro-Québec (“Hydro- Québec”),[1] the Court upheld the terms of…

Katherine Reilly

Duty to Consult does not Apply to all Aboriginal Concerns

Canada - April 11 2017 It is relatively common knowledge that the government has a “duty to consult” aboriginal groups when undertaking actions or making decisions that…

Robin M. Junger, Joan M. Young

Appealing the Arbitrator: A New Avenue of Appeal in British Columbia

Canada - January 30 2017 Recent changes to the Domestic Commercial Arbitration Rules of Procedure (the “Rules”) of the British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration…

Melanie J. Harmer